postnatal DOULA


The first weeks of the postnatal period are filled with wonder as you marvel at your newborn baby. It can also be an extremely challenging time for new families. 

My role as a postnatal Doula after your birth is to ease the adjustment into parenthood, helping to make this important transition as peaceful and seamless as possible. My services are individually tailored to meet the unique needs of each family. I will provide practical, emotional, and informational support; simply listening and helping reassure you that you are doing a good job.


I will help by caring for mama as she recovers from birth, with reassurance that your experiences are normal. I will listen and give a non-judgemental, safe place to talk. 


I can help with newborn care, bathing, and calming techniques. I am able to assist with baby-wearing, and look after baby; giving you a chance to shower, rest, and sleep.


Reassurance and encouragement regarding feeding options and techniques, whichever way you have chosen to feed your baby 


Tasks within the home environment, by doing jobs such as laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.


I can provide referrals and evidence based resources, with information for parents to make safe and educated decisions.


Postnatal doula sessions are booked for a minimum of 3 hours. 

Please contact me to discuss availability and rates