The care box includes a few ‘bits for your bits’. Especially for the first days after childbirth, when your body and mind need a little extra tender loving care. It's natural to feel out-of-sorts, and physically drained after labour: you've done the most amazing thing! 

These special items will soothe your spirit, and jumpstart your healing, whilst helping you ease the discomfort of labour and delivery. 

Take some time to appreciate your body. You should be so proud of yourself!


Contents Include


Herbal Sitz Bath 

Soothing comforting blend of herbs that are wound healing, and antibacterial. Promoting healing to ease soreness and bruising.

Nursing Tea 

Naturally caffeine free, nourishing loose leaf tea, made with organic herbs to support your milk supply and keep you hydrated. 

Nipple Balm 

This soothing balm will help nourish and heal dry, chapped, or cracked nipples. Made with organic comfrey and calendula, it's safe for baby too.


Mother Mary Flower and Crystal Essence

Carefully blended to provide; calm, confidence, and fearlessness. Honouring Mum on the miraculous journey of childbirth. 

Lavender and Chamomile Candle

Specially formulated and delicately scented with natural fragrance, which not only smells wonderful but also has a deeply calming effect on the mind and body. Perfect to aid relaxation.