I love working with expecting families! 

I offer a complimentary interview to meet and get to know each other a little better, to connect, and discuss your needs. It is important for you to feel relaxed and comfortable with me before I become a part of your birth team. Our pre-natal visits will include us exploring your ideals, wishes, and desires for your birth experience. We’ll discuss comfort measures and relaxation techniques that you may be interested in using during labor. We will talk over your birth plan and intentions; whether you have chosen to give birth at home, or hospital. I can provide you with information about the stages of labour, the birthing process, and any other questions that may arise. Whilst helping you to feel prepared for your postnatal period.


My goal is to help you stay informed, empowered, and motivated. I will provide continuous phone, text, and email support to you throughout your pregnancy and between our prenatal visits.


As we work together leading up to your birth, we will have 4 pre-natal visits. We will talk about how we can work together to achieve your goals, making thoughtful decisions and healthy communication.


I am on call for you from 38 weeks of your pregnancy. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until the birth of your baby. 


Once your active labor starts I’ll join you, and I will remain by your side throughout the entirety of your birth. I will provide physical and emotional support to you and your birthing partner. Once your baby arrives, I will spend time supporting early breastfeeding and helping you settle. 


We will have 1-2 postnatal visits. This all depends on how you're doing.  If you need extra support then I'm there for you. During this visit we will reflect on your birth story and birth experience. I will also provide resources, recommendations, and referrals for postnatal support, if desired.


Please contact me to discuss availability and rates for birth doula services