Pregnancy. Birth. Postpartum. Motherhood

Photographing the real, raw, intense, and vulnerable peak transitional moments in our lives.

As a Mother myself, I want to document these fleeting days. To freeze every tiny intimate detail in time. Let’s celebrate the messy, the wonderful, the chaos, and all the love that comes with parenthood.

Birth and motherhood photography is so special, it captures every first moment and tiny detail, as naturally, memories will fade. Having a photographer capture your story through beautiful professional photographs will enable you to look back at the tangible record of your story. These precious photographs include partners, as they shouldn’t be stuck behind the camera, they should be included in those memories!

“The icing on the cake were Sarah’s incredible photos of us during and post birth. These are the most moving pictures we have”

“Have Sarah capture the moment! You will forget, or have difficulty remembering all of the magical moments which are really happening at your birth! We now have some amazing pictures of some truly beautiful moments which we will cherish forever”